Jinan University 2020 Freshman IT Service Guide


Network and Educational Technology Center

September 2020


Welcome to Jinan University! The many services offered by the Network and Educational Technology Center will accompany your entire college life, we hope to provide you with the best service.


The Network and Educational Technology Center is responsible for the planning, execution and management of all IT systems and services on campus. We provide services such as internet access, campus card service, eCampus, online learning etc. The main ones are listed below:


²  Campus Network: include Internet access, wireless network, JNU Email etc.

²  Campus Card: used as ID, library card, payment card etc. Campus card services are available on the self-service kiosk located in your dorm building.  

²  User Self-service Platform: https://mynet.jnu.edu.cn Here you can apply for internet services, log a network problem, check your network account info etc.

²  JNU Mailhttps://mail.jnu.edu.cn All students can apply for a free JNU email account.

²  Student Portalhttps://i.jnu.edu.cn Your portal to all JNU eCampus systems and applications.

²  Online Learninghttps://learning.jnu.edu.cn Online learning resources.

Activate JNUID on Freshman Website

The Freshman website (https://freshman.jnu.edu.cn) is the first JNU information system you would use to access information about student registration, fee payment, student orientation etc.

JNUID: JNUID is the unifying login account for accessing all university information systems. Student JNUID is your student number. Please activate your JNUID and change your password at https://freshman.jnu.edu.cn.  

Note: you can also access freshman website by WeChat official account“JinanUniveristy”.


Applying for Network Access

1. Campus Network Account: (same as JNUID)

Your campus network account is used for applying internet services. Please Use your JNUID to login to Mynet system (https://mynet.jnu.edu.cn).  

2. Activate your account: Activate your campus network account on the Self-service kiosk or the User self-service platform https://mynet.jnu.edu.cn. See Internet Account Payment Instruction.

3.Internet Set up: Ethernet Set up Manual   Wireless Set up Manual

Internet Service Location:

  Shipai Campus: Room 202, Science Building           

  South Campus: Room 120, Teaching Building

Helpline: 020-85220304/85220305





Campus Card Service


The campus card is your campus ID, entry pass to all campus facilities, such as library, labs etc, and e-Wallet to pay for campus canteen, shopping and network fee etc. It could be used in all Jinan University campuses.

The campus card services include top-up, lost/stolen card, replacement, bank card registration, balance and statement, password change etc. You can find more information on campus card service.

The initial campus card password is the last six digits of your personal ID by default.

  • For students from Hongkong/Macao, it’s the last six digit of your Mainland Travel Permit for Hongkong/Macao Residents.

  • For students from Taiwan, it’s the last six digit of your Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents.

  • For other international student, it’s the last six digit of your passport.

Note: If there’s any alphabet or special character in your ID number, it’s been replaced with zero. If your ID number is less than six digit, the password is made up of zeros add to the front, i.e for ID number H1234, your password is 001234. 

 Please change your password as soon as your receive your campus card.

Campus Card Service Location:

Shipai Campus: Ground floor, Minghu Commercial Center          

 South Campus: Room 120, Teaching Building

Customer Service Helpline: 020-85220474

Self-Assistance Helpline: 020-85220463


Main Service List



Web Address

Official Website

JNU official website


South Campus


College of Chinese Language and  Culture



Zhuhai Campus


Shenzhen Tourism College of Jinan University


Network and Educational Technology Center


Campus   Network

Network Services


User Self-service Platform

JNU Student Email

Campus   Card

Campus Card



Student Portal


Educational   Technology

Jinan Online Learning Resources



Inquiry:   Room 611, Science Building, Shipai campus


Network Teaching Platform


   Inquiry: Room 604, Science Building, Shipai Campus


YuKeTang WeChat Official Account Learning Platform

Inquiry:   Room 611, Science Building, Shipai campus





Inquiry:   Room 604, Science Building, Shipai Campus

Satellite Broadband Multimedia Teaching System


Room 703,   706 Science Building, Shipai Campus
   Tel: 020-85228996